“The worlds best chestnuts, grown by family farmers in the rich soil of America’s heartland.”

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We grow  Chinese chestnuts in America’s Heartland: Iowa, Missouri & Illinois
It has long been known that the fertility of the soil where a crop is grown has a profound impact on both the flavor and the nutritional value of that crop. The Tall Grass Prairie of America’s Heartland has the richest, most fertile soils on the planet .!

Why our chestnuts are the best

We sell Chinese chestnuts

  • Chinese chestnuts have a richer, sweeter flavor
  • Chinese chestnuts peel more easily
  • Chinese chestnuts stay fresher, longer

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Orders will be shipped when the supply is available. The harvest is from September 25th through October 25th.
Orders placed after October 1st will be sent MONDAY October 18th .